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How to Make Bath Salt Crystals

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If you’re a crystal and gemstone lover, these Bath Salt Crystals are an easy way to incorporate them in the bath. This project makes great gifts, and can be customized with any skin-safe fragrance oil and mica of your choice.

First, fragrance oil and polysorbate 80 is thoroughly mixed in with the salt. Polysorbate 80 helps the mica disperse throughout the tub water more evenly, but can be left out if you prefer. This tutorial uses Amethyst Fragrance Oil for a light floral scent of freesia, rose, and musk. Then, the salt is lightly coated in glitter and micas. We split the batch and colored the salt with four micas, but you can color the entire batch or split how you prefer.

✨ Find the full written instructions and ingredients here:

Bath Salt Crystal Recipe:
Four 8 oz. Bail Jars
32 oz. Sea Salt, Extra Coarse
6 mL Amethyst Fragrance Oil
3 mL Polysorbate 80
1/2 tsp. Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter
1/2 tsp. Snowflake Sparkle Mica
About 1/16th tsp. Shamrock Mica
About 1/16th tsp. Lavender Mica
About 1/16th tsp. Rose Gold Mica
About 1/16th Caribbean Blue Mica
2 Droppers

✨ Find the full written instructions and ingredients here:

This project is part of the Celestial Collection, which is inspired by the night sky, crystals, and lunar phases. The collection includes four new fragrance oils, EcoGlitter, kits, and more.

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